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New Sony PlayStation 5 CFI-1200 Series Console Featuring Updated Equipment Seen In Japan

sony playstation 5 console Word about a new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) console has reportedly been doing the rounds in Japan ahead of scheduled updates to the current PS5 hardware in 2022.

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications granted it construction design certification back in April (via VGC). The news caused quite a stir since folks have been keeping an eye out for a PS5 Pro model, or even a PS5 Slim.

The original Sony PS5 carries the code CFI-1000A, while the newly registered one is a CFI-1200 series model. There was a small revision (coded CFI-1100) to the PS5 in early 2021, with the company having made it about 300g lighter and altered the base stand so as to be adjustable by hand.

But that was not all — the lighter PS5 build was later attributed to cost-cutting, the heat sink having been replaced with a smaller one that allegedly caused the PS5 consoles to run about 3°C warmer than the original.

As for the latest PS5 version, it’s not clear whether anything apart from the radio equipment, covering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on, will get updated. If we’re to assume that the PS5 will undergo similar changes as last year, the outer design will stay the same.

A while ago, DigiTimes reported that TSMC and other suppliers would start manufacturing an overhauled version of the PS5 between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022.

It’s not clear whether this might have been referring to the newly uncovered CFI-1200 series. Since hardware component shortages are anticipated until 2024, there’s a chance that Sony might be putting alternate parts into the revamped PS5.

In conclusion, it’s highly likely that we’re looking at a PS5 design that’s been revised to adapt to the global semiconductor shortages.