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New Pokemon Go feature makes it easier to catch rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go Bonus

Niantic Labs has announced a brand new Pokemon Go feature which will make it easier for players to catch rare Pokemon. In a blog post, the company says it’ll be rolling out the feature soon.

So far, Pokemon Go users only receive medals for getting their hands on Pokemon, a repetitive task which can get boring if they’re catching the same ones over and over again. Niantic is now looking to make use of this by awarding a catch bonus when they get medals for capturing certain types of Pokemon such as Gardener, Psychic and Kindler.

Racking up on these catch bonuses will grant players a better chance at grabbing Pokemon of a related type. For instance, if a person reaches a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, their bonus to get a hold of Fire-type Pokemon like Ponyta, Vulpix and Charmander rises.

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Trainers can accordingly achieve a new tier by getting their hands on multiple Pokemon of the same type. If a particular Pokemon belongs to more than category, the user’s ultimate perk will be calculated as per the average bonuses for each type.

To put it simply, catching something like a Pidgey, which fits into both Normal and Flying groups, will award a player an additional benefit which will be the average of their Normal-type and Flying-type bonuses. The new feature is the latest scheme to keep consumers interested in the game.

The last one was a Buddy Pokemon tool which let people choose their own companion from their collection.