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New PlayStation 3 Firmware Upgrade 2.10 adds Blu-ray Profile 1.1 Support

PlayStation 3 Firmware Upgrade 2.10 Just some time back, the Sony PlayStation UK website revealed the new features of the PlayStation 3 Firmware upgrade 2.10, which should be available on the consoles tomorrow (Dec. 18th).

The key updates claim to be a sure treat for all Blu-ray movie lovers. Support for Blu-ray Disc Profile 1.1 will be offered through the latest upgrade. Well, if you’re a little confused with these super technical terms, then in simple language what we are trying to say is that now the PS3 will support picture-in-picture and audio mixing features along with the new BD Data Utility.

Further more, support for support for DivX and VC-1 (wmv) encoded files has also been included allowing you to finally watch all those perfectly authorized videos on your PC through PS3. A “voice changer” option will be also be added that will enable users to “mask the sounds of their voice when chatting on audio or video chat over the PlayStation Network.”

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An audio enhancing feature which will help you store music on your PS3 has also been bundled. Also, there is a third music setting (Type 3) when viewing “Music Settings” in the “Bitmapping” subfolder.

But all the same, there are yet a few problems that have not yet been dealt with. For instance, the PS3 will stay play ONLY copyright-protected files, files encoded by using DivX 3.11, or that are 2GB or larger.

PlayStation 3 Firmware upgrade 2.10 shall take 120MB space of your PS3 hard drive.

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