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New Nintendo Game to offer Beauty Tips and Skincare to Women

Saeki with the 'Dream Skincare' product

Now all Nintendo DS owners don’t need to visit a beauty or fitness expert. Their gaming device is guide enough to route them to get in shape and give them a glow. Well if you think I’m going bonkers or am super obsessed by the DS and thus am stating things like this then read on and I shall prove my sanity to you.

Gaming is mostly regarded as a male-dominated sphere. But Nintendo has come out with a unique concept that may have Japanese women operating the DS to seek various beauty tips, such as taking extra fluids and monitoring skin tones.

Nintendo has teamed up with ‘Dream Skincare’ to lure customers (Read. Women) into gaming. Overseas sales for ‘Dream Skincare’ are yet undecided. It’s slated to hit (gaming and not beauty stores of course) in October in Japan for 4,500 yen ($37).

In the game, there are video clips of Chizu Saeki, a Japanese beauty expert, giving tips on facial massages and skin-checkup techniques.

The ‘beauty navigation software’ of the product has been developed by Konami.

So what do you need to do to gauge your beauty quotient?

Firstly, the players need to enter their daily body temperature and weight by marking a graph that shows up on the touch panel. After which the ‘beauty navigation software’ puts forth a few questions that the player answers such as skin tone and smoothness, as well as exposure to sunlight and hours of sleep.

And voila, your DS doctor will give you some serious advice on a daily regimen for healthy skin, such as directions to drink more water, or to eat apples and ginger etc.

According to (beauty expert…eye brows up) Konami, Hormonal balance is key for avoiding wrinkles and age spots, and body temperature and weight fluctuations are good indicators for any hormone swings, which can get awry from overwork and stress, adding that “Many women want to maintain forever young and beautiful skin.” Now I’m pretty sure that Konami (which by the way has less feminine games like ‘Metal Gear Solid’ to its credit) has quite a big staff constituting of women. But hey a woman having the dying need to possess ageless beauty is no new discovery.