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New Nexus 7 specifications revealed by Asus support executive

New Nexus 7

Details of the new Nexus 7 have leaked out in the most unexpected manner. The deed was done by an Asus support executive apparently, who divulged possible specifications and even a launch window for the Google tablet.

Now this may all seem unrealistic and for all we know, this could be a hoax. But company representatives in general, have been known to disclose details accidentally. However, in this case, the person in contact with the support executive had to simply ask about the new Nexus 7, otherwise known as the Asus K009, in order to get all the details.

Screenshots of the discussion have been uploaded to the internet by Google+ users Tim P, who claims to found them on XDA Developers. As far as the conversation goes, the support executive started off by saying that the new Nexus 7 will be released before Q2 ends. As most are aware, Q2 has already passed and we’re currently in the third quarter of this year. The person could probably mean the second quarter of fiscal year which would be till September.

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The interesting bit here is that the representative also went on to say that new Nexus 7 will be launched by the end of July. If these weren’t enough, a good deal of specifications was also divulged in the conversation. For starters, there’s been a mention of a 1080p LED display spanning 7 inches wide with a 1.2MP webcam, while the rear could flaunt a 5MP camera.

On the inside, the Snapdragon 600 processor will power it up with 2GB of RAM and a 4000mAh battery. Other features comprise of 32GB storage, Android 4.3, Wi-Fi, LTE/WCMDA/GSM support, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

The authenticity of this leak hasn’t been confirmed and which support executive in their right mind would disclose these details? Nevertheless, the K009 is in fact real and it has already been granted certifications by the FCC bearing Google branding. Well, we’re already in July and we’re anticipating Android 4.3 as well as the new Nexus 7 to arrive by the month’s end.