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MSN Live Messenger – Mini Review

MSN Live Messenger

Just recently, we decided to download the all new MSN Live messenger for review and if you continue reading, you will find the various surprises that we noticed with the fresh new messenger. Because messengers sure are a gateway to our social life circle. It’s been quite a long time since we have been using instant messengers for our daily chats and conversations.

Bid goodbye to the old standard layouts on the previous MSN Messenger as the new layout provides a chic and stylish look. One can customize the skin, color and layout style of contacts on the new MSN Live messenger. And the best surprise is that the layout color or theme that you choose will reflect on the message box viewed by the other person you are sending an Instant message (IM) to. Now that’s an interesting feature as one can show off their styles and personality traits to others by flaunting their themes and color schemes that they choose. One unique trick that we tried with this feature was that, we set a photograph from the computer and placed it as a theme. So one can set their own picture as their theme! To put it in a nutshell, the new Messenger presents a much more organized layout. Teamed with customization options that lets users not only customize their own layout page, but also show it off to their friends and family.

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The new MSN Live messenger also surprised us when we tried transferring pictures via IM. We just happened to drag and drop the picture files on to the MSN message window and discovered a new layout similar to the photo-sharing experience on Yahoo! Messenger. Users can preview the image on this photo-sharing layout and save the photos on to their computer if required or just view and close the window without any saving involved.

The program also lets one save all the pictures and files online on a common link, where users can share and save all their work on the site and others can view it and download the documents whenever required. This feature is useful especially when the second user is offline or is facing slow internet speeds and cannot receive the files directly through file transfers on MSN.

The other features of the latest Messenger program seem to be the same. The smileys, emoticons and nudging features on the messenger are the same as before. With the layout and customization options being the major plus points, the MSN Live messenger available on the MSN website. So go ahead and try the new messenger and experience the change and bundle of surprises that awaits after the installation is complete!

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