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New MRI Technique to detect Cancer

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Medical science brings in various wonders where one technique can be used for another. The latest MRI technique will now detect cancer at the early stages and let the patient take necessary steps to heal it, before it’s too late.

The safe procedure involves magnetic resonance imaging to judge the changes in pH or acidity in tissue, which is the key factor that detects the initial signs of cancer. Apart from this technique there are no other safer ways where doctors are able to check on the pH levels in humans and special care has to be taken as tumors are acidic in nature. The device will be able to judge whether the cancer drugs are working or not. The sensitive scanning will detect cancer using the naturally-occurring chemical bicarbonate which is used for making baking soda.

Lead Researcher Kevin Brindle, whose study is published in the journal Nature has said “You are imaging not just tissue structure but tissue function,” and added “We wanted to measure tissue pH, which is a surrogate for disease.”

Fellow researcher Dr Ferdia Gallagher mentioned, “Although it’s early days, if this technique proves to be safe and effective in cancer patients it has the potential to be a crucial tool in detecting cancer earlier – which is often the key to successful treatment.”

The technique devised by GE’s Healthcare which cools down molecules to near absolute zero and then it warms them up quickly, keeps them polarized and easier to detect as an image.

Since the technique is still in its testing phase, researchers are carefully judging the effects of the technique and are yet contemplating if it is safe to launch in clinics for use on humans. It’s only these clinical trials which will judge the future of this life-saving technique.