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New, Larger Samsung SPH-72P and SPH-72H Digital Photo Frames debut

samsung logo Electronics giant, Samsung has displayed its soon-to-be-released version of its digital photo frame with Wi-Fi and two larger versions that are slated to be available on shelves later this year. The displays were on display at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany.

The 12-inch and 8-inch versions of Samsung’s digital photo frames were displayed, alongside a 7-inch version of the frame that can connect with a PC over Wi-Fi.

The €229 (US$305) SPH-72P, which will be available in European markets in May, uses Wi-Fi to automatically discover and connect with PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista operating system and can display photos stored in Windows Media Player 11. In addition, it has a four-in-one memory card reader and a USB port that can connect directly to a digital camera or portable hard disk.

The other cheaper version at €179 is the SPH-72H, which does not include Wi-Fi feature, will hit European markets at the same time.

Both picture frames have a 7-inch screen that offers a resolution of 800 pixels by 480 pixels, and have the ability to play MP3 files and movie clips.

Furthermore, the SPH-72P can also display JPEG photos downloaded by RSS (Really Simple Syndication) from websites, such as Windows Live Spaces. But a Samsung sales executive manning the company’s booth said photo frames sold in Europe may not initially support this feature.

Samsung plans to ship the 8-inch and 12-inch versions later this year, and they could be on the market during the third quarter, the sales executive said.

Detailed specifications of the larger photo frames are not available as of now.