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New Kingston USB Drives and Memory Cards Range in India

New Kingston Products

Kingston has introduced a new range of products in India. The new line-up includes USB drives and memory cards. The a variety of memory cards such as CF, SD, SDHC, microSD and microSDHC are made available by Kingston yesterday.

The USB drives series includes Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Edition, DataTraveler Vault, DataTraveler Locker, DataTraveler 100, DataTraveler 110 and DataTraveler 101. All the drives feature 8GB of storage capacity and their prices range from Rs.2890 to Rs.17,720 according to the other attributes that drives feature.

On the other hand Kingston has also launched memory cards for various purposes. The 8GB Kingston CompactFlash Ultimate 266X memory card allows photographers to enjoy huge capacity and higher speed. While the Kingston SDHC card are compliant with the new Secure Digital Association 2.00 specification and offer storing capacity of 16GB or 32GB.

The Kingston MicroSDHC card comes in 4GB capacity allowing users to store multimedia content and to enjoy it on their phone.

“The event will give a golden chance for our customers to learn and share information about the latest innovations in the company,” said Nitin Malhotra, Country Manager, Kingston Technology, India.

“At the same time, it would be a great opportunity for us to interact with our target customers and help to reach their expectations and meet their needs.” Malhotra added.

The Kingston memory cards are available at the price ranging from Rs.1,700 and Rs.13,000.