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New Jawbone Era is a smaller, prettier Bluetooth headset and NoiseAssassin

The closest we’d come to really loving a Bluetooth headset was the amazingly light and unobtrusive Bluetrek Carbon headset. Now here’s the newly refreshed Jawbone Era which claims to be much smaller than its predecessor and looks quite delicious too. Meaning we wouldn’t be ashamed to have this hanging out of our ear as we go about our daily business.

The device is just 1.8 inches long and weighs a negligible 6 grams. The body is supposed to be 42% smaller than that of the original which came out in 2011. The main component is basically a small cylinder with vertical streaks for texture. Jawbone offers it in four color options of red, black, silver and bronze.

New Jawbone Era

The point of this miniscule gadget? Hands-free communications and control of your media. It supports HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, HSP 1.2 or SPP profiles and keeps you connected to your mobile device/computer as long as both are within a range of 33 feet from each other. The base model without the battery case (4 hours usage) costs $100, while the optional add-on (10 hours extra) brings the price up to $130.

Some of the features that have been improved in the new Era include the NoiseAssassin technology, speaker and earbud. The headset can get along with generally any regular Bluetooth-enabled equipment covering iPhones, Macs, Android devices, Windows PCs and more. And when you’re not busy conversing with a friend or work-mate, you can always talk to Siri or Google Now. One button on the body serves multiple functions.

New Jawbone Era Charging Case

We haven’t had the chance to lay hands on the revamped jawbone Era yet, but here is CNET’s detailed review of the device.