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New iTunes introduced by Apple, to go live in October

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If Apple is to be believed, the new iTunes that is expected to go live in October will flaunt a ‘dramatically simplified design’ and improved iCloud integration. Along with the redesigned version, the company has unveiled the iPhone 5, seventh generation iPod nano and fifth generation iPod touch as well.

Its intuitive interface should enable users to see their favorite content at the forefront and even have convenient access to their media library from any iCloud compatible device. The iCloud integration facilitates watching movies and TV shows on various compatible devices as it remembers the exact point at which the viewer left off. Additionally, the iTunes Store, App Store as well as iBookstore have also undergone a makeover and now tag along a preview history.

“We created iTunes because we love music and we’re going back to our roots with an incredibly clean design that keeps your music at the forefront. The new iTunes works seamlessly with iCloud, always keeping your entire library at your fingertips, and we’re adding great new features that make listening to your music more fun,” commented Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services.

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Featuring a full-window interface for desktop computers, iTunes now flaunts a new library view with the option for instant access to different categories of digital content. Additionally, the expandable album view lets users have a look at all tracks of an album and browse through the music library, at the same time. Its MiniPlayer has been revamped for controlling music, while the search function has been affixed to the library too.

The new iTunes will be available for download through iTunes.com, free of charge.