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New iPhone SE may get launched in August

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Apple’s tiny iPhone SE made its debut in March 2016 and hasn’t gotten a sequel in the year since then, except for a minor refresh in March 2017 which saw storage getting bumped up to 32GB and 128GB. Now a new iGeneration report claims that the company is going to out a brand-new version of the device in August.

Apple doesn’t usually hold iPhone launch events in August, preferring to stick to March and September timelines for its handsets. A source claims that the new iPhone SE will be cheaper than the current model, starting at a EUR 399 (approx $465 or Rs 29900) price tag. In comparison, the present version sets buyers back by EUR 489.

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There’s no way to verify these rumors right now, especially since it comes from a new source with no proven track record. Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang holds a contrasting opinion on the topic, taking to Weibo to report that there won’t be an iPhone SE 2 in the future.

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Jiutang states that people who prefer smaller screens will have to make do with the original iPhone SE or iPhone 5S. That’s because Apple is supposedly focusing its energy on display sizes in the range of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch as of now.

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9to5Mac points out that a few elements of iOS 11 hint that 4-inch screens like the one the iPhone SE has are on the way out. Apple seems to be pushing towards bold oversized navigation which won’t do well with compact devices.