iPhone 7 may be ugly and boring (New photos)

1New iPhone 7 images leaked:

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 series consisting of a Plus and/or a Pro version in mid-September. Alleged new photographs of the iPhone 7 have surfaced on the web, giving us a glimpse of its revamped design. And it’s ugly. The iOS smartphone’s appearance has as much appeal as a thin, shiny brick.

The antenna band setup on the back of the iPhone has been removed, though not completely. It looks more like someone forgot to erase it completely rather than a deliberate decision to leave half of it visible. On the whole, the design of the rear is painfully minimalist to the point of insipidity.

Not enough may be changed to guarantee that buyers will be clamoring for the next iPhone when Apple releases it this fall. The handset on the left in the image above is supposedly the base version. As you can see, its camera bump features a single lens and not the rumored dual camera system.

iPhone 7 Leak

The pictures obtained by NowhereElse don’t agree with each other. In both, the antenna bands are there all right. But the mute button is present in one and absent in the other. Is it possible Apple finally realized how stupid it is to dedicate an entire hardware button to mute and unmute the iPhone?

Not only is it totally unnecessary, it’s inconvenient too. We’ve managed to accidentally mute our iPhone while it was in our pockets at least several times over the past year. If Apple wants to go waterproof, it must minimize the opportunities for…

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