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New iPad running a temperature?

New iPad 1

The latest buzz about the new iPad hints at the Cupertino company’s tablet heating up, probably a tad more than usual for some. Mixed comments have been flooding in from users, with some talking about the device getting warm, while others take to saying that they cannot hold the slab at all since it gets too hot.

According to a report on CNET and posts on the MacRumors forum, users of the Apple slate have found that its lower left-hand corner (when held in portrait orientation) gets warm after it’s employed for prolonged hours. The gadget’s predecessors may have faced issues with heating, but the problem on the recent variant appears to be restricted only to that particular portion.

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Underneath the hood, there is a dual core Apple A5X chip that happens to be faster than the one on its predecessor as well as a quad core GPU. Additionally, the sleek chassis has been fitted with a larger battery when compared to the iPad and iPad 2. These could probably be the reasons for the 3rd generation device running a temperature.

New iPad 2

As mentioned earlier, comments pouring in from users point at confusion between overheating and warming up of the tablet. But since the lower left corner is what many may hold the device by, the heating bother could make operating the slab quite uncomfortable. Posts on the Apple Support page indicate that users are resorting to turning down the brightness and disabling iCloud, as solutions of sorts to do away with the issue.

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As of now, there has been no word from Apple either declining or acknowledging heating problems with the new iPad.