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New interactive timeline reveals the daily routines of online creatives


In the past few decades since its creation, thousands of creative minds have utilised the internet as a primary tool for getting their work out to the world. For many this is done from the comfort of their own homes, with services such as Youtube and Soundcloud enabling those with a creative idea the ability to showcase their talents to the world.

But it’s not just the convenience of these services which has got these influencers to where they are now, it’s also down to their work ethic. Whilst many call it a day after an eight hour shift and put their feet up, for online creatives they’re always on the clock, constantly intertwining their working lives with their personal ones.

A new interactive piece for web hosting solutions company UK2 has delved into the daily routines the online geniuses adhere today, in order to understand how some of the most influential characters online get so much done during their day.

It’s an interesting read, with research into the lives of top influencers such as Joe Wicks, Zoella and Casey Neistat revealing a number of similarities and differences in the way they attack the day.

Sara Rego, General Manager of UK2 has commented on the interactive timeline…

“Our timeline shows that every successful online personality has a different routine of ensuring they get through their daily workload successfully.

It’s clear that the key to optimising your time is to combine your working life with what you love to do. Many of the personalities we researched have made a career out of their passions. This means they’re able to spend the majority of their day enjoying themselves, and making money from it too!

As Steve Jobs said, “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”

You can take a look at the interactive piece here – https://www.uk2.net/the-daily-routines-of-online-geniuses/