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New Instagram rival Prisma transforms your images into stunning works of art


Instagram may be the king of filters right now, but a new app called Prisma is rapidly going about trying to steal its throne. The photo application was launched just last month and has quickly managed to capture the attention of people everywhere with its fresh take on image effects.

Unlike the thousands of other image-based apps with generic color or light filters, Prisma offers a quirky set of options such as famous painters like Van Gogh and Picasso, in addition to art styles like Gothic and The Scream. As can be seen in the images above, the tool helps turn ordinary photos into very convincing works of art.

Prisma doesn’t just simply apply a layer either. According to the company, it actually scans an image and uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting in figuring out how best to apply the effect to the picture at hand.

Getting started with Prisma is pretty straightforward, with the app going for a no-fuss minimalist approach to its UI. You can simply choose to click your own photo or pick one from your gallery. Once this is done, all you have to is tap on a style and adjust the intensity. You can then share it among your friends via Facebook or Instagram.

While Prisma is a free app devoid of ads, it’s already gotten into the sponsored filter business courtesy brands like Palmolive Naturals. Don’t be surprised if more such paid options pop up in the future. The platform is also going to launch a new Videos sections within the app soon.

Prisma is only available for iOS users as of now. The company is planning to roll it out for Android patrons later this month. You can download the application now via the App Store.