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New and improved Google Maps navigates itself towards a full release

A lot of you have been previewing fresh features on Google Maps, but you’ll be losing that exclusivity soon, as the new traits have begun rolling out in a full-fledged manner. These include finding the fastest travel routes, witnessing 3D images, gaining real-time traffic data and a lot more. The official Google Maps blog gives us a reminder on what are all the new additions its service will be boasting of.

Finding places around you gets easier. For instance, if you’re craving for some food, all you need to do is type in the word ‘restaurant’ in the search bar, and Maps will highlight all the relevant eateries around you. Moreover, if you click on one of them, more detailed information about it will be displayed.

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Google’s acquisition of Waze makes way for real-time traffic, accident and hazard reports which have been integrated into Maps is a swift manner. Based on these conditions, the most efficient route at that particular time of the day will be delivered to you by the service.

Moreover, a carousel appears at the bottom of Google Maps each time you search for a particular place. It showcases rich images and Street View information of notable landmarks around your location. 3D views of buildings and mountains can also be gained through this feature.

Moreover, there’s Pegman who has made a return to the service. This little fellow can be spotted at the at the lower right corner of the screen. He can be placed anywhere on the map to highlight all the Street View imagery around him.

Like we said, these new Google Maps features are now rolling out, and should reach your desktops within the next few days.