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New HP ‘Fashiontronics’ Skins unveiled by Hewlett Packard


Hewlett-Packard India has just announced the launch of HP SKINS carrying forward its unique ‘HP Fashiontronics’ concept. HP’s Skins come in a number of colors and designs and are meant to literally ‘dress up’ HP notebooks and desktops.

Hp’s skins for desktops and notebooks come in a host of colorful themes that range from sports to celebrities and from comics to nature. Companies can also get skins for their desktops and notebooks with the company logo on it. The HP skins cover such themes like Animals and Wildlife, Expressions, Machines, Nature, Retro/Pop, Textures and other Assorted Designs.

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Customers can also choose designs from the Shah Rukh Khan special edition range and the Suneet Varma signature edition range.

The HP Skins are very durable and last for over five years. It’s high quality adhesive makes its really easy to put the HP Skin on and remove it very simply. The HP Skins have been designed to fit the exact shape and size of HP desktops and notebooks. Moreover, these skins do not interfere with the opening and closing of the CPU, and ensure zero damage to the PC finish in the form of scratches.

According to Shuchi Sarkar, Head of Marketing, Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard India, “HP SKINS are targeted at people who believe in individuality, and exude a cut-above-the-rest personality. Today, the PC is not just about form or function but it is an extension of the user’s personality. The HP SKINS initiative enables the consumers to sport their own personal reflection on their “Personal Computer”. In a colorful and style conscious market like
India, we believe that the concept will be a huge success and will spawn many similar initiatives as well,”

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Customers can also put their creative skills to use and have a chance to design their own HP Skins. Pictures can be uploaded and included in the HP SKINs design section. Those who wish to check out the HP Skin designs will have to click here.

The HP Skins are priced between Rs.899 (for a laptop skin or a front desktop skin) to Rs. 2049 (for a full 4 side desktop Skin).

Those who wish to purchase HP Skins for desktops and notebooks will have to visit the HP World outlets, where they can view demo HP Skins on PCs. They can also buy HP Skin Vouchers (special scratch cards) and can also avail of a special launch discount.

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