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New Heroes of Newerth patch makes all heroes accessible for free

Heroes of Newerth Patch

S2 Games recently declared that starting today, Heroes of Newerth (HoN) players will have access to all heroes within the MOBA title. ‘An announcement of epic proportions,’ states a post on the game’s official forums. Through the version 2.6.11 patch, gamers won’t need to unlock heroes and they can even play any mode at absolutely no cost.

The Free-to-Own hero system when launched today, will unlock all 107 released heroes for each player. This not only provides flexibility in choice, but also allows gamers to head into battle without limitations. Users will still be able to buy early access heroes under a 4-week trial period. It gets more interesting here – those who made purchases on released characters 15 days prior to July 20 are entitled to a complete refund.

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“We are very excited to announce All Heroes Free, which gives every player access to our ever-growing hero pool,” said S2 Games co-founder and CEO, Marc DeForest. “After months of internal discussions and monitoring community feedback, it’s clear that All Heroes Free is the perfect next step for HoN.”

Heroes of Newerth Patch 1

For every hero purchased with gold coins, the account holder will receive an exclusive Mecha Gemini avatar for free. What’s more, the developer plans on launching a new, much-anticipated game mode dubbed the Gated Mode. With this addition, fresh players will have a more controlled environment to learn all about the game, along with a fixed pool of various heroes.

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As we have mentioned earlier, the new Heroes of Newerth patch which is inclusive of the Free-to-Own hero system and the repriced HoN Store will be available starting today.