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New Graphic Cards with HDMI interface to be announced by MSI

MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus One of the world’s largest makers of graphics cards, mainboards and other computer components MicroStar International (MSI), has successfully cleared the inspection check conducted by HDMI ATC that was held in July 2006, thereby proudly becoming the world’s first certification for HDMI VGA card. MSI has been constantly applying extreme research and development abilities to ascertain the HDMI compatibility in MSI VGA cards that extend a wider scenario of PC usages.

MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus closer view HDMI, the latest audio/video interface standard with only one cable required, is able to transmit high-resolution digital video and 7.1 surround-sound audio quality. In order to give users a never-dying experience, HDMI Workshop has regulated a guideline for this latest standard to ensure all HDMI-compliant equipment is compatible each other.

Amidst several VGA card manufactures, MSI received the first certification with the out performance RD ability that has been constantly contributing to the latest, superior, and stable products to users on the fast-moving technology filed.

MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus is the first VGA card equipped with the HDMI technology today. Along with this simple connectivity, the audio/video signals on PC will be correspondingly transmitted to LCD or Plasma TV for users. Furthermore, MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus has the solid and powerful 3D engine technology that is smoothly complaint to the most 3D games available on the market nowadays.

By the special D.O.T. II over clocking technology, MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus will dynamically adjust the accordance of power-consumption and performance. Users will also enjoy the astounding visual reality and HD-audio contributed from MSI’s 3D performance and HDMI technology through a home theater PC.

MSI NX76000GT Diamond Plus graphics card is currently sold for ¥29 780 ($260).