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Google Now has been updated with some pretty nifty features

Google Now is being improved with new features and capabilities and the new attributes it boasts off are pretty nifty ones. First we have is the ability to set reminders for calls where the service automatically searches maps for matches on nearby businesses and adds a call button. Then there’s an alarm feature which lets you know when you’re nearing your stop while on public transportation.

The new features were brought to light by Android Police. The alarm notification is applicable for saved locations such as home and work. When using public transportation, you’re most likely to see a card on Google Now which tells you where and at what time you need to get off. There’s also a small clock icon besides it (see the image above). Tapping it will enable the alarm which automatically goes off before your stop arrives.

Google Now Location Alarm

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Google Now was updated last month to allow you to add reminders entirely through voice. The new changes make this all the more convenient if you need to contact someone or a business. As seen in the screenshots below, setting a reminder to contact a specific business which can be located on Maps will show a ‘call’ button below, while entries like ‘call exit entry clearance store’ which cannot be matched to a contact or business won’t. Also, clicking the call button will bring up a roster of nearby businesses which match the query.

Call Feature

Both new Google Now features are great additions, especially the first one considering that a lot of people like to take small naps mainly while traveling long distances to and from work. Also, what’s worth mentioning is that the latest capabilities aren’t available everywhere. So if you’ve got access to them or any of the two, do share with us your experience and location by leaving a comment below.

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