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New G-Form iPhone case colored in blue, purple, yellow and more

G-Form iPhone Cases

Unflinchingly sitting through all the smacks inflicted upon it by a hockey stick, the new G-Form iPhone case has presented itself in an array of colorful hues ranging from white to purple to blue and more. The sheath is also up for grabs in the manufacturer’s signature bold yellow and black shades.

All in all, potential users of the iPhone case get to pick from color options of protective pink, purple, orange, blue, ice, white, bold yellow, bold black and green. The accessory is a flexible cover that’s soft in its natural state. Apparently, it’s engineered to stiffen temporarily when called upon to absorb a shock or an impact.

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New G-Form iPhone Cases

“Until now our revolutionary impact technology for both sports and electronics has only been available in black and yellow,” explained Thom Cafaro VP of innovations. “The launch of our colored iPhones means that a customer can now combine the extreme impact protection we are famous for with their own colorful style in the best of both worlds. Our unique RPT technology is also designed, molded and assembled in the U.S.A.”

YouTube video

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The case in question is built out of an RPT material which can supposedly absorb more than 90% ‘of an impact in a molecular reaction.’ And just to prove the point, the folks over at G-Form have uploaded a video showing Tim Thomas deflecting iPhones wrapped in the sheath. The video we’ve posted above plays out what the company calls ‘a rapid-fire shootout against’ the NHL goalie.

New G-Form iPhone Case

The new G-Form iPhone case price is $39.99. It can be picked up through the company’s official website as well as via select retailers.

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