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New Facebook chat rooms features leaked

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A new Facebook feature codenamed Host Chat has been leaked online and the grapevine is abuzz with speculations that suggest it will comprise chat rooms which will be accessible without invitations. The purpose behind constructing these chat rooms seems to be the social network’s strategy for ensuring that subscribers spend even more time on Facebook.

The guys over at TechCrunch learnt about the new development from someone who is familiar with it and they also happened to get it verified through Facebook itself. It goes without saying that the SNS refrained from letting out details about chat rooms, but confirmed that the function is currently in the testing phase. Nevertheless, the aforementioned website managed to find quite a lot about them through its source.

For starters, it comes across as something similar to those good old AOL chat rooms and will bring along a new tab called Host Chat which will be placed on the timeline in the status update composer section. The person hosting the chat can give it a specific name and it will appear on the news feed of all of his or her friends’ profiles. An option for adding people to the room will also be given to those who initiate it.

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Even though friends can join in without an invitation, hosts will have the authority to limit it to a select few. In case they do not want some people to be a part of it, they are likely to have the option of expelling them as well. The source of this news has also revealed that friends of friends can jump in as well, but we are not sure about the privacy measures that Facebook will take in such a scenario.

Currently, these chat rooms work only on the web version of the website and may come to mobile platforms after the new feature is rolled out officially. Whether it will permit sharing pictures and videos or not is not known, but Host Chat is likely to support Emoji. The new messaging stickers of the social networking site may also find their way into these rooms.

As we have already mentioned, the Facebook Host Chat is currently in the testing phases and the website is yet to go on record to confirm it.