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New eco-friendly, battery free remote uses wind-up energy

Battery Free Remote

Now this is simple. Too simple to be called a smart technology yet smart enough to replace the need of batteries. Ethical Superstore has displayed an eco-friendly wind-up alternative to the remote controls.

So, now when your remote runs out of energy you don’t need to search for batteries, instead just wind-up its jog shuttle for 30 turns and viola, the remote gets completely charged. It runs on an internal battery which is charged by the jog shuttle. The charge lasts for seven days.

The wind-up remote control can work for TV, DVD player, even for VCR, Cable box, satellite, and an auxiliary appliance. The gadget controls upto six devices.

The energy saver and money saver remote control is accompanied with full instructions on how it can be programmed for all major branded appliances.

It is being offered by the Ethical Superstore for a price of £19.53.