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New DDR2-533 Printer Memory of HP LASERJET P2015/P3005 Series released by Transcend

Transcend high speed DDR2-533 printer memory Transcend has launched its latest high speed DDR2-533 printer memory. This memory module has been specially developed for the new generation of HP laser printers such as the HP LASERJET P2015/P3005 series, and DDR2-533 is fully compatible with HP original memory (HP P/N, 128MB:CB422A, 256MB:CB423A). The new printer can improve the overall performance; and is surely a faster and wiser choice for long-lasting complex print tasks. Transcend now has 128MB and 256MB for the user’s upgrade choice.

Transcend’s DDR2-533 printer memory for HP (LASERJET P2015/P3005) uses 144-pin high quality PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and is assembled using only original DDR2-533 memory chips, which can enhance the overall stability of the system. All of Transcend’s DDR2-533 printer memory modules follow the standard developed by JEDEC (the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), the memory industry’s standards organization.

Features of Transcend DDR2-533 Printer Memory of HP LASERJET P2015/P3005 :

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  • Hi-Speed, DDR2-533 Printer Memory Module
  • 1.8 V Operating Voltage, low power consumption
  • On-Die Termination (ODT) technology to minimize memory signal reflections at higher speeds
  • FBGA chip packages for improved electrical and heat dissipation characteristics
  • Excellent compatibility and reliability
  • Lifetime warranty