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New Capcom Hollywood Deals will roll games into reel

Capcom goes Hollywood

It’s nothing new for Capcom to enter into the movie industry as their very famous Resident Evil game fared wonders and so did their scintillating movie which had the ability to run shivers down our back. Now Capcom reveals that they plan to join hands with the Hollywood film studios to jointly produce games which will be on the lines of their breathtaking games.

After attending the Cannes Film Festival, Capcom was lucky to receive several offers for their games to be rolled on to reel very soon. Following the footsteps of Marvel comics who converted their comics into movies, Capcom plans to walk on the same lane by delivering their games on to the big screen. Currently Capcom and 20th Century Fox are working on a jointly funded and produced Street Fighter film.

Speaking on their latest venture Capcom’s President Haruhiro Tsujimoto mentioned, “We are in the process of working out contracts for several offers we received at the Cannes Film Festival last week and hope to make an announcement soon.” And he added, “If realized, the projects will have a big impact on the game and movie industries.”

The $40 million project, due out later this fiscal year, will judge the prospects for Capcom’s film ventures as per Tsujimoto. With the Resident Evil Movie making it a huge success as a trilogy, Capcom wishes to take their gaming venture to greater heights with their footsteps being led to the silver screen soon.