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New Blackberry 10 smartphone release date revealed through leak?

New Blackberry 10 Smartphone

The release date for the new Blackberry 10 smartphone may well have been pinned down for February 28, so says a leak which popped up yesterday. A picture allegedly clicked from Best Buy Canada’s internal inventory system has surfaced on the Internet and perhaps for the first time, suggested an exact launch date for a new BB 10-equipped device. Meanwhile, it can be confirmed now that the retailer has already started taking pre-orders for the mystery handset, without revealing anything about it.

RIM has been keeping mum about anything related to the new Blackberry 10 smartphone hardware, but similar leaks in the past have ensured that hardcore BB enthusiasts at least have something to gaze at as they cool their heels till the official launch. As can be seen in the image, the new device has been paired with Canadian carrier, Bell. However, despite this date concerning only the said network provider, it can be expected that the supposed phone in question could very well come out through other carriers during the same time period.

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This whole thing was brought to our notice by BGR, with the website also having revealed that it had contacted RIM for comments on the matter. In a typical fashion, the company replied with a ‘we won’t comment on speculation,’ before mentioning that January 30 is the only date on which it will unveil its new smartphone line. The fresh OS has been in the news lately owing largely to the fact that a lot will be riding on it for the Canada-based mobile manufacturer which did not quite have a pleasant 2012 amidst the Android, iOS and Windows Phone conquests.

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Crackberry directed us to the fact that Best Buy Canada has started taking pre-orders of the BB 10 device. The retailer however, has mentioned nothing but about the device other than the features of the OS that we already know. As of now, past reports and leaks have indicated that two distinct devices – the Z10 and the X10 – will be carrying the BB 10 platform on them. But nothing has been confirmed by RIM.

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The company is expected to launch its new Blackberry 10 smartphone lineup on January 30, 2013.

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