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Beats Studio revamped, gets a new price too

After creating waves with its first Beats Studio headphones, the Dr. Dre-founded company has introduced its revamped version and has slapped it with a price tag of $299.95. It now comes equipped with a number of fresh technologies aimed at enhancing the design, sound output as well as power management. This pair of headphones will be made available by the manufacturer in August this year, in three different shades, namely black, white or red.

For $299.95, users of the new Beats Studio headset will be granted the benefits of sound output that’s tuned with a custom digital software developed by the company. It is claimed by its maker to deliver a re-engineered and re-imagined audio experience. As far as the design of the Beats Studio is concerned, it has been revealed that the product has been specially crafted to provide buyers with a streamlined look, feel and fit. This means, lightweight materials have been used in its manufacturing, while there’s even a new ergonomic adjustment mechanism.

Beats Studio

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The integrated adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) works in two modes. When optimized for music, the headset enhances sound quality and noise cancellation, whereas in unplugged mode it delivers more aggressive noise reduction. Moreover, the new Beats Studio comes with a rechargeable 20-hour Lithium-Ion battery and a power indicator which shows how much juice it has left. An auto on/off feature automatically switches the headphone off once it is unplugged, in order to save power.

Like we said, the new Beats Studio headphones will be made available in August this year, and its price will be kept locked at $299.95.

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