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New Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight gives you a break from annoying advertisements

Barnes & Noble has released a new iteration of the Nook GlowLight which claims to be completely ad-free and offers an immersive reading experience anytime, anywhere. The extremely light device has already been made available for an attractive price of $119 through the official website as well as B&N retail stores.

The eReader shows off a contemporary design and has a soft-touch back cover which makes it comfortable to hold in one hand. It tips the scales at 6.2 ounces and is about 15 percent lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite. Drenched in the shade of white, the device has a silky silicone trim for protection against drops and a durable display makes it capable to endure everyday wear and tear.

Nook GlowLight

The sequel to the original GlowLight, this slate makes the most of the next-generation lighting technology that brightens the display uniformly and allows users to control the intensity of the glow. It is graced by an anti-glare E Ink display for paper-like readability regardless of the lighting conditions. There are multiple customization options for making eReading as comfortable as possible and the company has done away with full page flashing.

Moreover, the device’s interface is pretty intuitive complete with a Reading Now section and a navigation bar at the bottom for instant access to the library, shop or search menu. It has enough internal storage to hold up to 2000 books and even makes for an enhanced shopping experience, thanks to features like Now on Nook and various curated lists to suggest content.

The Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight which is completely ad-free, has been made available in time for the holiday season for the price mentioned above.