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New Apple Watch band can warn you of a stroke

AliveCor Kardia

The Apple Watch has plenty of third-party band options out there, and one of them is AliveCor’s Kardia which is capable of taking your ECG reading within seconds. This medical-grade band moreover, even possesses the ability to detect the potential causes of stroke and can hence warn a person if they’re about to get one.

This is being claimed to be a first of its kind product, and it works with the help of a Kardia Watch app that’s available on iOS. While the Apple Watch comes fitted with a heart rate monitor on its rear surface, it certainly does not possess the ability to measure your it heart’s electrical activity.

That’s where the AliveCor Kardia band comes into play, as it lets you do that by just pressing your finger on its sensor for a short time. Moreover, it can even detect Atrial Fibrillation which happens to be a leading cause of stroke. It’s this function that makes it a potential life saver.

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The Kardia data is synced to the Apple Health app; so that you can find all your wellness information at one place. Apart from the band, the company also sells cases for Android and iOS smartphones that come with their ECG sensors placed on their rear surfaces.

This is certainly one of the most innovative Apple Watch bands out there right now. AliveCor has done well to come up with a product which could warn people if their lives are in danger.

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The price of the Kardia Apple Watch band from AliveCor remains a mystery for now, but we do know that its release has been scheduled for some time in spring this year.