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New Amazon listings provide further hints of Microsoft Surface Mini existence

It has now become more than obvious that Microsoft is currently preparing to unveil its Surface Mini tablet, and further proof of its existence has been granted by a couple of Amazon listings. A smart cover and a Bluetooth keyboard case have can be seen covering the alleged Windows slate.

There have been speculations regarding what the size of this device will be, with 7 and 8 inches being the possible candidates. But as TechCrunch points out, one of the two listings has a hint towards this as well. The description of the Bluetooth keyboard accessory states that it will fit only the 8-inch Surface Mini.

Microsoft Surface Mini Case

This confirms that a model of the said size is indeed in the making, but it also leaves speculation open for an accompanying 7-inch version. Just earlier this month, we had heard another comprehensive rumor about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Mini.

It said that this tablet will be marketed as a note-taking device and will come equipped with pen input support. Last year’s unveiling of the rebooted Surface range was earlier supposed to also see the launch of this smaller version. But Microsoft apparently pulled the plug on it at the last moment.

Microsoft Surface Mini Cover

The newly appeared Amazon listings (1) (2) have stated that these accessories will arrive in stock on May 18. It is perhaps around this time that we’ll see the Microsoft Surface Mini in its full glory, so stay tuned till then.