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New Acer C7 Chromebook priced at $280, comes with upgraded battery life

New Acer C7 Chromebook

The price for the new C7 Chromebook has been set at $279.99 and the upgraded Acer device is said to deliver improved battery life, among other things. The 3-pound computer has been given the model number C710-2055 and is targeted at schools looking for an affordable solution to enhance learning.

And to that effect, the updated C7 model includes a 6-cell battery pack which is expected to deliver about 6 hours of runtime, just about enough for a full school day. This is quite a bump up considering that the original models were only capable of 4 hours at most, on a single charge. The changes carry over to a few other specs as well, and the laptop features a 1.10GHz Intel Celeron 847 processor with 2MB of L3 cache.

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So what’s new with the upgraded model, besides the better life? For starters, there will be more RAM from the get-go. 4GB of said memory has been included for improved responsiveness even when running several programs simultaneously. Further catering to the student crowd, it will boot up in less than 18 seconds and has a near instant recovery from sleep mode.

In addition, it measures only an inch in thickness, making it easily portable. And it runs Chrome apps available online for better learning. The OS has a few security solutions built-in to ward off malware and viruses, while it is automatically updated to protect students against online threats. There is even a web-based management console, with which, administrators can setup and manage apps and other things for all such devices connected to the network.

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Google has been pushing the laptop running its own OS, and in December last year we saw a $99 version of the device from Samsung also focused on the needs of schools in the US. The Chromebook Pixel on the other hand, is a much higher model and even comes with 4G LTE connectivity.

The upgraded Acer C7 Chromebook is now available in the US and can be purchased from retailers and authorized resellers, while those picking up the laptop can also choose from a few customization options. The new C710-2055 comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor which is offered as standard. This can be extended to 3 years with the company’s ‘Advantage’ service.

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