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NeuroSky MindWave Mobile for iOS and Android rolled out

MyndPlay MindWave Mobile

NeuroSky has been busy working out a way to spread into iOS and Android, with the result being the MindWave Mobile headset with MyndPlay. For those who aren’t familiar with this particular technology, it employs user brainwave data for allowing them to interact with a variety of content and applications.

Veering away slightly from its sister product dubbed MindWave, the new bit of hardware depends on Bluetooth v3.0 to transfer the user’s brainwave information. But it’s not just compatible with the aforesaid mobile platforms; the company has also engineered the device to work with PC and Mac. There are more than a 100 supported applications that are available through the NeuroSky website as well as a bunch of mobile-centric apps out on iTunes and Google Play.

Just to set users off to a start, the headset is packaged along with MyndPlay, a mind-controlled video app which permits wearers to tweak their movie experience. It may sound pretty cool considering that the different scenes and outcomes within the flick change depending on how focused or relaxed the user happens to feel at the crucial moments.

NeuroSky visualizes the headset’s usability for games, educational tools, brain training and much more. The bio-sensor chipset TGAM, mainly helps in the functioning of the brain-computer interface upon which the technology bases its interactive capabilities. The entire hardware setup comprises of a headset, a sensor arm and an ear-clip. It makes use of an AAA battery and delivers up to 8 hours of life.

The NeuroSky MindWave Mobile price is $129.95. It is available for purchase in the US and EU through the company’s online portal.