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Netflix to soon let you download videos


Netflix users who have been waiting for an offline option to become a reality may just see their wishes coming true going by a new report. If accurate, the feature could be a game-changer, allowing anyone to watch their favorite shows without having to worry about having constant internet access.

According to Dan Taitz, the COO of video downloading technology company Penthera, Netflix is planning to launch the new tool by the end of the year. His views were corroborated by Frost & Sullivan principal analyst Dan Rayburn, who claims that the arrival of the option is something of an open secret in the streaming video community.

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Netflix adding such an ability makes sense to a certain extent. It’ll help the company battle against rival services like Amazon which already let consumers download titles. It may also prove to be a boon for people living in countries where internet connectivity is spotty and unreliable, not to mention commuters and frequent travelers who don’t always have access to the web everywhere.

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings himself gave an interview earlier this year where he stated that the brand should keep an open mind about offering the facility to download content for anytime viewing. However, complications may arise from the fact that studios have only agreed to allow the platform to stream videos, not download them.

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Downloading is a completely different ball game and will probably require a fresh set of deals to be inked. Netflix’s own content might be up for offline viewing since the company owns the rights to them, but the same may not be true for movies and TV shows owned by other studios.