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Netflix India offers third-best value for money, beats the US, UK

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Netflix is gaining popularity in countries around the world, but not all nations are getting the same library at the same cost. Some have bigger libraries at a higher cost, while others have limited libraries but still pay more than others.

Comparitech has put together a list of 78 countries and ranked them according to how much bang for your buck Netflix is in a specific market. It gathered data on the number of TV shows and movies available in each, found out the monthly subscription rate, and then divided the two to determine how much the cost per title is each month.

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After a lot of currency conversions and comparisons, the researchers determined that Canadians were getting the best value for money deal. They have access to 5561 titles and pay CAD 8.99 or $6.9 per month. This averages out to $0.00124 per title.

After Colombia, Netflix India lands in the third spot. People pay Rs 500 for access to 5255 TV shows and films. This results in a cost per title of $0.00131 approximately. That’s a pretty good average, but there are still plenty of folks who think the firm is charging too much in India.

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The most surprising part of the study is probably the fact that the US is ranked at number 7. You’d think the country with the most titles (5839) would offer the best deal, but that assumption appears to be wrong. US consumers pay $7.99 per month which translates to roughly $0.00137 per title.

Even the UK didn’t fare that well at the number 9 spot. The report thinks Netflix might be charging its US and UK customers more to subsidize its growth in other regions. As for the lowest-ranking country, Denmark offers the worst value for money since users pay an average of $0.00361 per title and get just 3305 movies and TV shows to binge.