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Netflix for Windows 8 goes live

Netflix For Windows 8

Now that Microsoft has officially launched its latest OS, we are bound to see an influx of multiple applications, one of them being Netflix for Windows 8. It works towards delivering an improved entertainment experience on this OS, says the official Netflix blog.

According to the developers of the app in question, users can keep themselves entertained at all times as it is compatible with all Windows 8 gadgets including tablets and convertible laptops. Netflix’s latest version has been designed to make the most of all the new additions introduced by Microsoft along with the OS. It continues to offer access to its archive of movies and TV shows that are available through the official website and other Netflix applications.

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Using devices running Windows 8, subscribers can continue to browse through all genres and access their Instant Queue or Top 10 lists. Besides these features, the movie streaming application has been bestowed with some new ones. The blog reveals that users can readily access the application from their Start screen without having to navigate to the official website.

Its intuitive interface facilitates smooth browsing and instant access to personalized genres. The designers of this app haven’t refrained from taking full advantage of gesture recognition support as they have added Semantic Zoom that allows pinching the screen for an overview of recommendations in the home area of the software. Moreover, a navigation ribbon has been placed in certain areas for directly jumping to various genres, Top 10 list or New Releases. Users can also expect an enhanced video player for smooth playback.

The Netflix for Windows 8 application is now available for free.