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Netflix dishes out new plan for instant watching and change in prices

Netflix Logo It takes a lot to sustain one’s position as the web weaved to allure Internet freaks is getting larger by the day. For a simpler and quick experience for its users, Netflix recently unleashed several changes to its existing plans, says the Netflix blog.

To begin with, it now offers a new $79.99 monthly plan to allow its users to get instant access to unlimited TV episodes and movies that are streamed to a computer or TV. However, this plan isn’t inclusive of DVDs. The titles that one can watch on their present plan are also made available on this new plan. To switch to this all new plan, one has to visit ‘Your Account.’

Well, Netflix is also increasing the prices of its unlimited plans which offer instant watching and DVDs by mail. There is an increase in the price by $1 on the ‘1 DVD out at a time’ and ‘2 DVDs out at a time’ plans. To know the effect of changes on the Netflix account, users can view Membership Details.

Netflix also states the reasons behind these changes in its blog post. It is said to have considerably grown the selection of movies and TV episodes. So, it has demands to meet like unlimited TV episodes and movies streaming two ways that include instant streaming over internet plus DVDs by mail.

The blog also lets its users know why they haven’t created new plan for only DVDs by mail. It states, “The fact is that Netflix members are already watching more TV episodes and movies streamed instantly over the Internet than on DVDs, and we expect that trend to continue. Creating the best user experience that we can around watching instantly is how we’re spending the vast majority of our time and resources. Because of this, we are not creating any plans that are focused solely on DVDs by mail.”

The price hike will also help with popular plan choice of unlimited TV episodes and movies streaming instantly alongside unlimited DVDs. There is a new plan that does not include DVDs which seemingly is a great way to augment the number of members who watch instantly. The $7.99 monthly price does not reflect DVD shipping costs on the plan. Moreover, the Blu-ray pricing remains unchanged.