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Netflix announces integration with Facebook Connect

What do you and your friends talk about when hanging out together? Movies and TV shows are usually at the top of your list, right? Well, Netflix wants you to discuss its wide catalog of entertainment online too the wildly popular web-based movie rental service has now integrated with Facebook Connect.

What this means is that you will be able to link your Netflix and Facebook accounts. For those who don’t know or use it, Facebook Connect is an application that enables you to interact on other websites through your Facebook account.

Netflix’s newly launched support for Facebook Connect allows a user to give a one- to five-star rating for a movie they’ve watched and share it on their Facebook profile. There is an option to either start posting all your movie ratings to your Facebook profile or to publish ratings on a case-by-case basis.

You can share your ratings as well as view your friends’ ratings. These review posts will link back to the related pages on Netflix so members don’t have to go searching for those particular movies on the entertainment platform. One of the highlights is the ability to add a Netflix movie recommended by a Facebook pal to your queue.

Excited about this launch? Follow the link “http://www.netflix.com/facebookconnect” and click on the Connect button to link your Netflix member account to your Facebook account.

With Facebook boasting of over 175 million active users currently, it’s not surprising that Netflix has chosen this route to encourage online conversations about its buffet of content. It makes good business sense and can serve as smart advertising if subscribers choose to engage with it on Facebook too.