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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch Sep 4 launch smells of desperation?

It’s been confirmed, Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4. So it will be sharing its release date with the Note 3 at the Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event. The word comes from none other than Lee Young-hee, the company’s executive VP of mobile business. Apart from talking about the wearable gadget’s release date, she also had something to say about Samsung’s interest in BlackBerry which has been put up for sale (a moment of respectful silence).

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Let’s rephrase that; Young-hee was reported to express Samsung’s ‘lack of interest’ in BlackBerry’s collection of patents. This lays to rest a lot of rumors about the South Korean giant eying some of the Canadian company’s technology. With the growing demand for tablets threatening laptop sales, Samsung has plans to focus more heavily on the former and seems quite comfortable with the idea that its smartphone business will continue to move along quite fine.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch: What we know

In terms of all the alleged specs so far, a 1.67-inch display, 1GB RAM and a dual core 1.5GHz processor have been pulled together. Young-hee has confirmed in an interview to The Korea Times that the smartwatch will sport a non-flexible display, successfully raining on the most exciting speculation about the device. Thought that was disappointing?

Unless there’s a mistranslation somewhere, Digital Trends has noted that the word ‘concept’ has been used to describe the smartwatch. It could apparently indicate that Samsung will merely showcase the product instead of unveiling it. What’s that we smell? Desperation to get ahead of Apple and be the first to introduce a cool new smartwatch?