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Need for Speed Undercover featuring Maggie Q, releasing in November

Black Box, a studio of Electronics Arts Inc. has given a release date for the Need for Speed Undercover game and also announced the casting of international movie star Maggie Q.

Need for Speed Undercover Screenshot

Need for Speed Undercover is set to release in North American store on November 18 and in November 21 for Europe, for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii and DS, PSP as well as for PC and mobile gamers.

“Need for Speed Undercover features a deep and engaging story of spectacular Hollywood-style live-action that will transport players into the fictional world of the Tri-City Bay Area,” said Bill Harrison, Need for Speed Undercover Executive Producer. “Working with talent the calibre of Maggie Q allows us to deliver an unparalleled level of storytelling that will keep players engaged in between 180-mile-an-hour races.”

The Mission Impossible III star, Maggie Q is featured as Chase Linh, the Federal Agent who recruits and guides players. These players have to go undercover for challenging tasks like racing competitions. Players will have to take part in racing with the objective of infiltrating in and take down on the international crime syndicate.

“I’ve always been a fan of racing games and working on Need for Speed Undercover was an amazing experience,” said Maggie Q. “I was so impressed by the scope and quality of the overall production that goes into a videogame these days. It was like any other day on a Hollywood set; I felt right at home. The Black Box team is doing tremendous work here and I can’t wait to see the final game.”

The game claims to offer a high-budget Hollywood like experience for the gamers along with ‘brake-neck’ cop chases. Also featuring are the hottest cars and super highway battles claims the game.