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Need a 500GB mobile hard drive for your tablet? Seagate can help

Is storage the one big factor that counts when deciding which tablet to buy? Seagate may have a solution in the form a new Ultra Mobile hard drive that’s big on hoarding space and fashionably slim at the same time.

The HDD’s so sleek, it actually shows off a 5mm profile. So let’s hope OEMs notice it quickly and integrate it into Android designs. We’re saying Android because Seagate’s Mobile Enablement Kit which will be paired with the hardware is only compatible with Google’s mobile OS as of now.

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD

The software suite includes the company’s Dynamic Driver technology. The whole kit is an extra meant to lure potential manufacturers who may be keen on an optimized, ready-made solution to incorporating the drive into their tablet designs.

In other words, Seagate claims to have taken care of aspects such as heat, shock management, vibration and gyroscopic motion so that OEMs have lesser trouble considering this solution for mobile applications. Even the power consumption needs have been addressed with the Ultra Mobile HDD.

Besides using a rugged stainless steel construct, the hardware also features Zero-gravity sensors. Say a user dropped their slate, the sensors would be able to recognize that it’s in free fall within 60 milliseconds and move the read/write head away from the delicate disk platter and thus prevent damage to it.

The Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD can be purchased as part of the aforesaid Mobile Enhancement Kit as well as separately. So we’ll just have to wait and watch. Currently, the best option you have in high capacity tablets is the 128GB iPad.