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NEC EA261WM LCD Monitor Unveiled

NEC EA261WM LCD Monitor All of us have been using computers for ages, but now the same bulky box has made its entry in complete style and charisma. It is the age of slim-line devices and hardware which present themselves in high definition colors and the best contrasts. NEC unveiled their latest NEC EA261WM LCD Monitor which is set to arrive in the month of August this year.

The large 26 inch screen that offers WUXGA resolution teamed with 1,000:1 contrast ratio. The Monitor delivers 400 cd/m2 brightness level, 5ms response time, 92% color gamut. The hardware also adds on USB connectivity with its 4-port USB hub and control its angle with its 4-way adjustable stand and on-screen display controls.

The NEC EA261WM monitor also speakers with a headphone jack, a DVI-D input, cable management cover and its ECO mode ensures that its saves on energy and of course the electricity bill. The monitor would be a great companion for gaming-enthusiasts and would be perfect for people who love to play with graphics. The NEC EA261WM LCD Monitor will be available by August 2008 and will be priced at $679.99 and packs in a 3-year warranty