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NDS VideoGuard Express solution for Indian Cable TV Market announced

NDS logo NDS, a provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV has announced that it has launched a new solution for the Indian cable TV market called NDS VideoGuard Express.

The NDS VideoGuard Express delivers robust CAS security at a competitive price. The system has been pre-integrated with a set-top box and electronic programme guide (EPG) ready for fast deployment.

VideoGuard Express builds on NDS proven conditional access technology for pay-TV. It offers fast channel change time and delivers a user experience with real impact.

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According to Ms.Sue Taylor, Vice President and General Manager of NDS Asia Pacific, “NDS VideoGuard Express is the right solution at the right time. Many cable operators across India are looking for a CAS solution they can implement now to support their pay TV business and comply with government regulations to deploy CAS. VideoGuard gives a low-cost solution now, and an upgrade path for operators to implement new features and services in the future.”

Mr.Kishore Shirekar, General Manager of NDS India said, “”NDS continues to increase our commitment to the Indian market and the service that we provide to our customers here. The company has over 750 staff in India, and more than 700 are in technical and development positions. In addition to world-class technology, NDS is uniquely able to provide complete local support as Indian cable operators deploy CAS and fast-track digital deployment across the country.”

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