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‘NB-57D’ Battery-free wireless optical mouse unveiled by A4Tech

A4Tech NB-57D mouse Royche, the Korean retailer of A4Tech has launched the NB-57D battery-free wireless optical mouse in the Korean market. Yes, you read it right ‘battery-free’, thereby solving one of the biggest problems related to mice.

The NB-57D mouse works through a process called ‘magic magnetism’, which is an apparent A4Tech concoction of electromagnetic induction and RFID technologies bundled into the kit. The NB-57D wireless optical mouse touts a compact body of 10g without a battery inside. By using new RF wireless technology, NB-57D mouse solves conventional signal interruption problem which often occurs when multiple mice are running in the same area.

It features ‘2XClick button’, which enable users to click just one time to operate programs instead of double-clicking, and ‘office (program map) button’ that can run programs right away without moving a mouse pointer.

According to sources iNB-57D wireless optical mouse priced at just about 20,000 Korean Wan / $21.


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