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Nat Geo WILD Slots by Murka and Max Polyakov is spreading Information about Environmental Issues

nat-geo-wild-slots Image Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

Figures indicate that 6 billion individuals across the world currently use their smartphones everyday for various activities like engaging in social media, playing games, sending work emails, shopping, trying their luck at online casinos, staying in touch with loved ones, watching YouTube videos, managing their calendar, reading the news and much more. This creates an opportunity where lots of social initiatives could capitalize on technology to assist those in need of assistance.

With internet-based games, people’s desires and dreams are turned into entertainment. With the incorporation of competitions that involve completing targets, monitoring of procedures and offering of compensations, Crowdrise makes fundraising more entertaining. SuperBetter on another angle designed the healing process of people that experienced depression and disasters in life to help them achieve a quick recovery.

While a majority of the games bring in elements of social initiatives, some others seek to offer a solution to practical problems. Zynga, for instance, developed the Sweet Seeds Campaign through the famous FarmVille app to help raise funds for the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake which killed 100,000 and displaced 3,000,000.  The outcome was a swift collection of $1.5 million, in a move that the United Nations World Food Programme was very happy about, due to how fast it was able to raise the funds and the fact that all was channeled properly.

While games provide moments of fun to the players, they could be used to achieve better living conditions too. This is seen in the partnership between the game developer named Murka and National Geographic, in an arrangement that sees some of National Geographic’s contents in some games from Murka’s

Through this, Murka co-founded by Max Polyakov was able to design Nat Geo WILD Slots™ that offer deep slot entertainment to the fans. The images and graphics it comes with are also breathtaking, and they make the gaming experience more worthwhile for players. The game has a free and real money version. It stands as the first ever software that fuses content from National Geographic into a game in support of the campaign by Noosphere Ventures.

This partnership between the National Geographic and Max Polyakov Murka is a very significant development in the social casino sector according to Max Polyakov. The managing partner at Noosphere Ventures went further to clarify that this is because apart from the entertainment it offers, players will get more information about wildlife, and also learn how to make the environment better.

With technology, fresh avenues to get potential supporters on board are created. Most of the audience that National Geographic may not have been able to get hold of are reached via the people, architecture, and landscape images they offer to players.

nat-geo-slots-coverImage Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

Juan Gutierrez, Senior VP, Licensing in NatGeo posited that the agency is very happy with the prospect of taking their visual storytelling to new frontiers by offering content with NatGeo themes in the entertainment games. He said that their mission at the agency is always to not relent in exploring new grounds, and the collaboration enhances this.

For Max Polyakov who is managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, he is looking forward to a partnership with NatGeo that will create room for donation to help save species that are endangered. This will entail raising funds to assist initiatives meant to save the environment and support environmental preservation-focused groups.