Narae Recorder Mini: Microphone goes Micro-Mini

Microphone Here’s one more device that adds itself to the Bond community in complete Bond style. Narae Recorder Mini introduces itself in the tiniest of sizes of a microphone.

The tiny microphone is best suited for laptops, where one can put away their huge recorders and plug in the small microphone on their laptop. The device can also act as a spying device where it can stay plugged on to your laptop and no one will be able to notice that there is a smart microphone on your laptop. The recorder can trace sounds up to a range of 10-meter radius and it fits in easily in any standard microphone port. So enjoy recording the sounds of the monsoons or nature singing or even record an important official conversation with the Narae Recorder Mini microphone.

The device packs in a software CD for setting up essential applications on your computer/laptop. The microphone targets the Korean market first. The price of this tiny device is not yet revealed, but it is expected that it will surely be on the affordable ranges.