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N9800 and N9600 series Graphics cards save Energy and boost Performance

N9800 and N9600 Graphics Cards

MSI unveiled their latest graphic cards N9800 and N9600 which promise a boost in the gaming performance. The graphic cards will be a treat to the ardent game-lovers and people who love to play with their 3D applications.

Both the graphic cards series ensure that the environment isn’t harmed much with its energy saving motive, but it does not compromise on performance either. The N9800 offers two options, which is N9800GTX-T2D512 and N9800GX2-M2D1G. The N9800GTX-T2D512 offers 512MB/256-bit GDDR3 memory support which provides a great HD resolution and gives the best touch for a good gaming experience. The N9800GTX-T2D512 goes a mile ahead in its eco-friendly nature that features NVIDIA’s HybridPower technology that turns off to discrete GPU when not in use.

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The N9800GX2-M2D1G on the other hand ensures a powerful performance with its NVIDIA Dual-GPU powered by 512 MB GDDR3 on a 256-bit bus which delivers rock-solid stability and stunning 3D graphics.

The N9600 series graphic cards present option of three cards namely; N9600GT Diamond, N9600GT-T2D2G and N9600GT Hybrid Freezer. All the three graphic cards run in excellence with its 65nm NVIDIA 9700GT GPU which include 64 stream processors teamed with DDR memory on 256-bit memory interface. The N9600GT concentrates on providing a punch to the gaming experience whereas the N9600GT Hybrid Freezer packs in Hybrid Freezer cooling technology which is proud of its most efficient Hybrid Freezer cooling radiators. The Hybrid Freezer technology involves a built-in fan in the interiors for temperature control; the hardware uses 6mm thick heat pipes for effective thermal conductivity. The costly 6mm thick heat pipes used by MSI 20% more conducting power and provide the most efficient radiation speed as compared to that of a low priced 5mm heat pipe.

Users will no longer have to hesitate on buying the high-end graphic cards as the N9800 and N9600 series Graphics cards also save on energy without any hindrance to the performance. The price and availability of the hardware hasn’t been spoken about as yet.

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