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Mysterious green lines are showing up on some iPhone X displays

iPhone X Green
Image via Twitter users mix0mat0sis and MACinCLE

The iPhone X’s highly-lauded OLED display is a hit with most owners, but there is a small but growing number of people who are finding fault with it. It seems some units are exhibiting a green line along the right or left side of the handset.

These users have taken to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Apple Support Communities to air their grievances. MacRumors pegs the number at 25 so far across the US, Australia, Poland, and Canada. That’s a small number considering the millions of units manufactured, but it could keep increasing as more people get their hands on Apple’s latest.

Typically, the green line doesn’t appear when the iPhone X gets unboxed. Rather, it occurs spontaneously after it’s been played around with for a bit. Restarting and fully restoring the device usually doesn’t help.

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iPhone X Display
Image Credit: Display Mate

TechCrunch has a pretty convincing theory as to why this is happening. The iPhone X’s OLED panel has a brand-new diamond sub-pixel pattern which means that all the green sub-pixels are in a line and the red and blue ones alternate around it (see above).

It’s possible that there’s an electrical fault in the affected iPhone X units which is forcing the voltage to flow to all the green sub-pixels in a line. Samsung faced a similar problem last year, only the lines on the Galaxy S7 were pink and not green. It’s worth noting that the South Korean brand produced the iPhone X’s screen as well.

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Apple is reportedly replacing all faulty iPhone X units for free and collecting data so that it can investigate the issue. If your unit is looking a bit green, the best option would be to get in touch with the company’s support service and get a fresh unit.