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MySpace to provide redesigned space to users

MySpace logo Your space on MySpace gets a new look as News Corp is redesigning the home page of the site.

Users of the social networking site will be able to find MySpace easy-to-use and navigate with most of the changes being made for homepage, search, navigation, Profile Editor and video compatibility and MySpace TV.

With the site itself getting a new look; members can also edit their profiles by playing around with HTML code, i.e. for users who are experienced with the site, while first-time users can use the uncomplicated editing tools. Incase, users want to decorate their profiles with colours, themes, images and borders; it is all available in the sidebar library; very much unlike the earlier times where they had to refer to different sites for designing their pages.

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With categories to sort friends, one can group people in their account. One can add high definition videos and can also view them on full-screen via MySpcae TV. There are the mobile and instant-messaging services guarded with high-security.

The simple search tool lets users search for their favourite people, music, video or just about anything across the web and MySpace.

With the latest developments made to the site, MySpace is being compared with Facebook and other social networking sites. Also with MySpace TV, YouTube and MySpace are in direct competition with each other.

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The all new changes are meant to attract more and more users, as it has been speculated that MySpace is losing its members to FaceBook which has a much unfussy and conservative look, although MySpace still stands as a number one social networking site around the world. Looks like a tough competition as it is also being said that Facebook is in the plan of making changes to its applications and other features.

As of now MySpace enjoys a membership of 118 million users.

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