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My Canada Payday App Review

My Canada Payday

Sometimes, loans can become an important necessity when unexpected situations arise in the middle of the month, leaving you strapped for cash. At such times, opting for payday loans is a good choice, as they are easy to apply for and fast to receive. They are a little less stressful to keep track of since you repay them automatically on your next payday through your bank account. My Canada Payday is one such provider, a service that works 100 percent online, Canadian owned and one of the only ones that have good customer reviews.

My Canada Payday’s apps are available on Android as well as iOS. Their Android and iOS payday loan app is designed with a simple and easy to understand interface. If you have an account with the service, you can log in right away and grab a payday loan in under 30 minutes. Registering is extremely simple. You hit the sign-up button at the bottom of the interface and simply fill in your details. These include basic details like your name, address, and date of birth and also your identification information like your driver’s license, social insurance number, your salary and your payday details. The same process applies to both the iOS and Android payday loan app.

Once your documents are verified, you’ll be free to apply for a payday loan using the platform. Notifications about approvals and the deposit of money in your account are sent on a timely basis. Moreover, the apps also allow you to easily glance at your account information in just one click. Privacy is also something that the apps take care of with their state of the art encryption, so you don’t need to worry about any of your personal details going into the wrong hands.

One of the highlights about My Canada Payday is that it claims to give loans even to those with bad credit. Since these are short term loans, the online loan provider is able to offer loans to individuals with lower credit scores that would normally be denied at a traditional bank or lender. The loans are transferred to your account using Interac e-Transfer service that’s provided 24/7. What’s great is that the transfers happen in under 5 minutes after you accept the contract!

You know you will be in good hands with My Canada Payday as they are a fully licensed lender in 6 different Canadian provinces.

A quick note is that you can also easily pay back your loan before the due date as well. There are no prepayment charges that are applied over the amount.

All these things really end up making My Canada Payday an excellent service for grabbing a quick online payday loan. And the fact that the service is available on your Android and iOS devices makes it an even more convenient option for those needing some emergency funds.